Leyo (leyo) wrote,

...! I am distinctly upset. They're introducing bendy buses on my favourite bus route! The bus route that I take every day to work, and frequently on the weekend too! 14 January 2006 will be a sad, sad day. I like double deckers. :(

Also, I am slightly creeped out by how I was informed of this change. I've never received an email from Transport for London before, ever. The only way I can think that they have my email address is from when I registered my Oyster card, but I've had my Oyster card for about six months now and I've never heard anything from them. I mean, they must have implemented plenty of changes to buses and tubes since then, and I haven't received any kind of bulletin from them, until now when I suddenly receive information which is extremely pertinent to my public transport use. So they're using the information on my Oyster card about what journeys I make to send an email which is relevant to me. Useful in one aspect, but creepy in another.
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