Leyo (leyo) wrote,

Sometimes I wonder how I can remain so unemotional at certain things.

"After five years, the United States-led international reconstruction mission has failed Afghanistan and its people. An all-military approach and aggressive poppy crop eradication strategies led by the US and the United Kingdom have triggered a hunger crisis and accelerated the return of the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. The US and the UK are responsible for these humanitarian and security crises, which make Afghanistan a renewed menace for its own people and the world."

- Senlis Council report on Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban.

Their figures suggest that more than 70% of the Afghan population is chronically malnourished. I daresay most people are aware that Iraqis are dying daily in an American war (whatever they like to call it -- a war, an occupation, a peacekeeping operation) but Afghanistan is conveniently under the radar and Osama makes a one-man justification for occupation. Many Iraqis have limited medical resources and many Afghans have none.

I'm as afraid of terrorism as the next girl; I'm a Londoner and a regular user of public transport, I know it could happen. But I don't think I could give a toss about the war on terror when counter-terrorism operations are given priority over a starving population. Poppy eradication is even less justifiable.

I still have trouble comprehending how governments can allow starvation to occur when most developed countries have a great surplus of food, but for Coalition forces to be aggravating it in one of the poorest countries of the world is just mind-boggling.
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