Leyo (leyo) wrote,

It's not often that I feel a desire to defend the military against press criticism, but I'm really finding commentators' reactions to the whole Iran hostage debacle to be rather outrageous. They keep banging on about how Britain has been shamed, and how the soldiers captured just weren't brave enough. Even the Guardian is at it, in this article where a columnist wonders "whatever happened to only divulging one's name, rank and number."

Really, isn't it enough that the poor sods escaped alive from a situation like that? Who wouldn't make an obviously fake confession on TV if you thought it would preserve your life? What harm did it really do? Only a few over-sensitive hacks and nationalists have been harmed by this perceived "shame" that has been inflicted on Britain by the Iranians and the wretched sailors they captured.

Ugh, I hate newspapers.
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